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Place Font Awesome icons just about anywhere with the <i> tag.

<i class=" icon-flag-checkered"></i> icon-flag-checkered
Icon classes are echoed via CSS :before.





To increase icon sizes relative to their container, use the icon-large (33% increase), icon-2x, icon-3x, icon-4x, or icon-5x classes.

<p><i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-large"></i> icon-flag-checkered</p>
<p><i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-2x"></i> icon-flag-checkered</p>
<p><i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-3x"></i> icon-flag-checkered</p>
<p><i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-4x"></i> icon-flag-checkered</p>
If your icons are getting chopped off on top and bottom, make sure you have sufficient line-height.
  • Font Awesome icon can be used
  • to easily replace lists

Use icon-ul and icon-li to easily replace default bullets in unordered lists.

<ul class="icon-ul">
  <li><i class="icon-li  icon-flag-checkered"></i>Font Awesome icon can be used</li>
  <li><i class="icon-li  icon-flag-checkered icon-spin"></i>to easily replace lists</li>

Use a few styles together and you'll have easy pull quotes or a great introductory article icon.

Use icon-border and pull-right or pull-left for easy pull quotes or article graphics.

<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-2x pull-left icon-border"></i>
Use a few styles together and you'll have easy pull quotes or a great introductory article icon.


To arbitrarily rotate and flip icons, use the icon-rotate-* and icon-flip-* classes.

<i class=" icon-flag-checkered"></i>  normal<br>
<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-rotate-90"></i>  icon-rotate-90<br>
<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-rotate-180"></i>  icon-rotate-180<br>
<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-rotate-270"></i>  icon-rotate-270<br>
<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-flip-horizontal"></i>  icon-flip-horizontal<br>
<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-flip-vertical"></i>  icon-flip-vertical

Use the icon-spin class to get any icon to rotate.

<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-2x icon-spin"></i>
<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-3x icon-spin"></i>
<i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-4x icon-spin"></i>

CSS3 animations aren't supported in IE8 - IE9.

icon-flag-checkered on icon-check-empty
icon-flag-checkered on icon-circle
icon-flag-checkeredl on icon-sign-blank
icon-ban-circle on icon-flag-checkered

To stack multiple icons, use the icon-stack class on the parent, the icon-light for the regularly sized icon, and icon-stack-base for the larger icon. icon-light can be used as an alternative icon color. You can even throw larger icon classes on the parent to get further control of sizing.

<span class="icon-stack">
  <i class=" icon-check-empty icon-stack-base"></i>
  <i class=" icon-flag-checkered "></i>
icon-flag-checkered on icon-check-empty<br>
<span class="icon-stack">
  <i class=" icon-circle icon-stack-base"></i>
  <i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-light"></i>
icon-flag-checkered on icon-circle<br>
<span class="icon-stack">
  <i class=" icon-sign-blank icon-stack-base"></i>
  <i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-light "></i>
icon-flag-checkered on icon-sign-blank<br>
<span class="icon-stack">
  <i class=" icon-flag-checkered icon-light"></i>
  <i class=" icon-ban-circle icon-stack-base text-error"></i>
icon-ban-circle on icon-flag-checkered